O r c h e s t r a human automotive interaction

Value focus

Build powerful human-automotive interactions. Advance, but simplify the human-machine experience. Research, Prototype & Launch.

Research origin

Learn and apply HMI research globally. Bring together a diversity of ideas and technology from a wide range of expertise & partners to build industry leading experiences.

Prototype speed

Based on research - orchestrate all factors to build rapid prototypes. Test and iterate to a release candidate. Launch & scale.

Launch scale

As location changes, so does interaction. Launch products with the ability to adapt HMI across cultures. Orchestra multi-functional teams based in Tokyo, Seattle, Boulder, New York and Zurich with more coming soon.

Current projects

1. R&D in cooperation with industry leaders to form HMI standards and breakthrough innovations.

2. Building HMI products & experiences for global companies focussed on automotive HMI, cockpit experience and machine intelligence.